World of Warcraft Full Patch (UK) 2.0.3

Get fixes for some of the bugs that are in the game and play better

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    Full Patch (UK) 2.0.3

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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World of Warcraft is a wildly popular MMORPG with an expansive gameworld and complex leveling system. When you first start the game, your character will be dropped into the dangerous world of Azeroth. You can then battle your way through computer enemies or join up with a clan and make a name for yourself. As your character progresses, you will be able to master hundreds of different skills and weapons. Even though World of Warcraft is over a decade old, it continues to attract thousands of players every single day.

At its core, World of Warcraft is a roleplaying game with a unique level system. You start the game by creating a custom character. While creating your character, you must carefully consider which race you choose and what type of traits you adopt. Every race has its own pros and cons, and you want to be sure that your chosen race matches your style of play. That being said, you can create multiple characters if you would like to try out different races and skills.

Each time you log into the game, you will need to choose a server based on your location or time zone. You also have the option of searching for a specific server if you want to play with your friends or clan. Inside the game, you will most likely focus on a few basic tasks. That includes training your character, selling goods, and acquiring new items. If you would like to work with other human players, then you should choose a player versus environment (PVE) server. Those who are interested in competing against other players must stick to player versus player (PVP) servers.

The primary storyline involves an ongoing war between the human-led Alliance and orc Horde. Some players enjoy roleplaying various characters that are involved in that skirmish while others ignore the storyline entirely. Over time, you might find yourself gravitating toward clans and servers that focus on pure roleplay. Most players engage in at least some form of roleplay, but there are entire clans that only care about PVP actions.

Leveling your character is a relatively straightforward process. When you first enter the game, you will be asked to complete a number of quests. Completing those quests gives you experience points or new items. In the earliest stages of the game, the quests are designed to teach you all of the basic controls and mechanics. Quests are usually tailored to your character's current level, and that means you won’t have to worry about being outclassed for quite some time. You are also going to unlock new quest trees and locations as your character grows stronger.

World of Warcraft continues to be one of the most popular RPGs in the world, and it is sure to be around for many years to come. This full patch gives you complete access to the base game, but you might want to download some expansions if the initial quests ever become dull.


  • Diverse and vibrant gameworld
  • Excellent mechanics
  • Massive community


  • Steep learning curve
  • Leveling a character can be tedious
  • Potentially overwhelming gameworld

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